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Lion’s Pool

TCNJ’s carpool program allows you to find rides with TCNJ students, staff, and faculty. You can map trips and communicate with potential carpool partners in a social media framework. Join today to split the cost and hassle of commuting.

Carpoolers will be eligible for prime parking spaces.

Did you know?  Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of CO2. That’s roughly 5 to 9 tons of CO2 each year for a typical vehicle. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas; too much of it can cause global warming. It also increases the acidity of the oceans, since it forms carbonic acid when it dissolves in water, and that has a bad effect on some sea life.

How much might I save?  The average gasoline vehicle on the road today has a fuel economy of about 21 miles per gallon and drives around 12,000 miles per year.  Multiply your daily mileage by 21 to arrive at the typical number of commuting days per month. For example, if your daily commute is 10 miles round trip, you commute 210 miles a month. If your car gets 30 mpg, you use 7 gallons of gas per month commuting, or $28 if gas prices are at $4 per gallon. If your own car stayed parked while you carpooled with another person, your energy savings are thus 7 gallons or $28 per month.  That’s $336/year!

Reasons to carpool:

  • Save money — driving is costlier than you think!
  • Help reduce TCNJ’s carbon footprint
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Get access to premium parking spots.  Each month a student “Carpooler of the Month” will be awarded a premium spot in Lot 5.

 Questions? Contact Brian Potter,, 609-771-3075

Register Today at:

Once you have registered, and logged in your trips, the President’s Climate Commitment Committee will choose the “Carpooler of the Month,” and you can pick up a hang tag at the Social Science Building, Room 219.  Each “Carpooler of the Month” must display a carpool hangtag and have a valid parking decal for that lot.