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Decal Information

Displaying Parking Decals

Each vehicle that has been registered on campus for parking must bear a valid (unexpired) parking decal or temporary dashboard permit. The parking decal/permit must be visibly displayed whenever the vehicle is parked on campus. Expiration dates are depicted on the decal/permit.

Decals are to be mounted on the INSIDE of the sider-rear window behind the driver. If your vehicle has darkly tinted windows, is a convertible with removable back windows, or has no back windows, please request a decal to be mounted on the rear bumper of your vehicle through If you already have a window decal, you will need to bring that decal back into the Office of Student Accounts and exchange it for a bumper decal.

Hole-Punched Student Parking Decals

If the parking decal for your car has a hole punched through the expiration date, the decal is only valid for the fall semester of the academic year.

Housing Status Changes

If your housing status changes from residential to commuter or commuter to residential you are required to obtain the appropriate parking decal.You must scrape the decal off your car and come to the Office of Student Accounts to obtain the new parking decal. You are responsible for any additional charges or will be refunded if needed.

Failure to obtain the correct decal may result in ticketing.

Motorcycle Parking

Students are eligible to register one motorcycle in addition to their one vehicle permit. If a student wishes to only purchase a motorcycle decal, he/she will incur the cost of either a residential decal or commuter decal, depending on his/her housing status.

Motorcycle parking will be granted for the lot in which a student is granted access for their automobile. For example, if a student lives in Decker and has a decal for Lots 11 and 13, he/she can park a motorcycle in Lots 11 or 13.

The motorcycle decals will have a hole punched over the year in which the decal expires. Motorcycle decals with multiple hole punches are invalid.

Motorcycles must be parked in an actual parking spot. Improper parking may result in ticketing or towing.

A decal can be obtained through the Office of Student Accounts.

Parking Fees Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

  • Resident Student Parking Fees: $290.00 full year or $160.00 per semester.
  • Commuter Student Parking Fees (Undergraduate and graduate): $105.00 + $6.96 (NJ sales tax) = $111.96 full year and $64.00 + $4.24 (NJ sales tax) = $68.24 per semester.
  • Graduate Assistants: There is no charge for a GA.
  • Weekly Parking Permits: For a fee of $20.00 per week those students who have not purchased a parking decal may purchase a temporary parking permit. All students are limited to two (2) weeks per semester.
  • Replacement Parking Decals: Those students who have purchased a parking decal and need to bring a replacement vehicle to campus will not be charged for a replacement decal. The old decal must be scraped off the old vehicle and returned to The Office of Student Accounts.
  • Temporary Parking Permits: Students who have a car registered with a current decal may obtain a temporary replacement permit at no charge during times the registered car is not available.

Refunds for parking decal:  Refunds may be requested until the end of Add/Drop period for the semester in which the decal was purchased. Refund requests after Add/Drop will not be honored. The Add/Drop period is shared on the yearly academic calendar 

If your decal refund is granted, you will not be permitted to order another decal until the following semester, unless there is a change to your residency status.

Note: The decal expiration is specified on the decal. Decals with a hole punched through the expiration date indicate a fall only semester decal was purchased.