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Card Gates

Information Effective as of August 15, 2013

Access to faculty/staff lots and residential garages may be gained through ID card access only.

Card Gate Access
Only individuals possessing a valid TCNJ ID card and decal are authorized access through the gates. To gain access by means other than a TCNJ ID card is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use an ID card to grant access to unauthorized personnel.

Tailgating through card access gates is dangerous and therefore prohibited. Tailgating is the act of a second vehicle attempting to pass through the gate behind a motorist who has inserted a card to activate the gate. Once a card is inserted into the mechanism, the gate is activated for passage of only one vehicle. A second vehicle attempting to gain access may be struck by the gate arm returning to the down position.

Student parking in faculty/staff lots is prohibited AT ALL TIMES, regardless of the position of the gate arms.  Student vehicles found parked in these lots will be ticketed and/or towed.