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Temporary Permits

Temporary parking passes may be obtained with the stipulation that a valid state vehicle registration certificate is presented and under the following circumstances only:

Temporary Replacement Vehicle

If a vehicle not registered with the Office of Parking Services is brought on campus as a temporary replacement vehicle for one previously registered, a temporary parking permit must be obtained at the Office of Student Accounts or at Campus Police.

Loading, Unloading, Pick-Up, Drop-Off

Temporary permits may be obtained from Campus Police or The Office of Student Accounts for loading, unloading, pick-up and drop-off in otherwise “no parking” areas with the exception of the following areas: fire hydrants or zones, handicapped spaces, walkways, or by dumpsters. This type of permit will be valid for a maximum of one hour, unless otherwise specified on the temporary permit.

Walkway Permits

With few exceptions, vehicles are not permitted on campus walkways. Application for permission to drive on the walkways must be approved by and directed to Campus Police (ext. 2345) by the department requiring such use.


Vehicles required for maintenance or service work on campus must park in spaces designated for such use. This includes TCNJ Facilities vehicles. Other requests for use of these spaces must be made to Campus Police (ext. 2345).


  1. Once a temporary permit is obtained, it must be displayed in plain view on the dashboard of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Failure to display the permit may result in the issuance of a citation.
  2. Parking permits issued do not entitle or authorize parking in spaces marked for handicapped persons.
  3. Altering or counterfeiting temporary permits is punishable by state law. Issuance of a citation and/or towing may result.