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2 Week Parking Permits

All students, without a parking decal, may register a vehicle on campus for a maximum of two weeks per semester.  These permits can be purchased in the Office of Student Accounts. Please make every reasonable effort to purchase your permit prior to bringing your vehicle on campus.

  • Fee: $20.00 per week payable via cash or check only in the Office of Student Accounts
  • TCNJ ID card or other government issued photo ID is required when picking up your permit.
  • Vehicle registration cards (original, copy, or photo on your phone) must be presented when registering your vehicle on campus for the first time.
  • You may only purchase a permit for a vehicle owned by you or a member of your immediate family. You may not purchase a permit for a vehicle owned by another student.
  • Parking Citations: all outstanding citations must be paid before any parking permit will be issued.
  • These permits are valid for the commuter areas of the Lot 7 parking garage only (levels one, two, and part of level four).

First year students who can demonstrate a compelling need or would suffer undue hardship may petition for an exception to have their car on campus for the academic year or semester.
View the guidelines to the exception process.

Upper-Class Students

Lot 7 “RA” Decal (Metzger Drive Parking Garage):

This lot is sold on a first come, first serve basis as there are limited spaces. Eligible residents of the Student Apartments (Phelps, Hausdoerffer) and Pennington College Houses can park on the ramp from the second to third level as well as the entire third level with a valid decal.

Lots 11 & 13 “RS” Decal (Travers/Wolfe and Decker/Cromwell Parking):

All other residents (including those who did not get a Lot 7 decal) will have full access to both garages, except the faculty/staff spaces, with a valid decal.

Note: Siblings enrolled concurrently at TCNJ may request to have parking access on both student ID cards if one sibling purchases a parking permit.  Only one car may be registered and the student that purchased the permit is responsible for any TCNJ parking violations issued on the vehicle.  If you would like to request ID access, please email and include your PAWS ID number and the name of your sibling that needs parking access.

Campus Town Residents

Campus Town is an off campus residence. There is parking available for its residents in their assigned lots however it is not guaranteed. Please reach out to Campus Town to obtain parking for the academic year. Please do not order a TCNJ parking decal through the CARS Portal.

Full Parking Lots

Any resident motorist unable to find an authorized parking space in their designated lots should park in the residential spots of Lot 8 next to the Administrative Services Building. If you are still unable to find a spot, proceed to Campus Police for assistance.

Undergraduate student parking is PROHIBITED in faculty/staff lots AT ALL TIMES, (7) seven days per week.


Winter Restriction Lots

If a snow emergency is declared, an official TCNJ email will be sent to the campus community. Vehicles will have to be moved from the tops of the parking garages and there will be no parking on the flat lots between midnight and 6:00 a.m. for the duration of the snow emergency.