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Exception Requests

Non-Medical Requests

Students who can demonstrate the need for a vehicle may petition for an exception to the parking policy. First year students may be allowed to have a car on campus. Please note, if granted a parking exception, you will be required to pay for the permit.

  • Exception requests are reviewed by a committee of staff members
  • The request must be approved prior to bringing your vehicle to campus. It may take approximately three business days to review requests. All necessary documentation must accompany original request.
  • Please Note: If your request is denied you may not submit a second request. The decision of the committee is final.


Situations for which parking exceptions will not be granted or even considered:

  • Off campus employment not related to your major or for credit
  • No other place to park or store your vehicle
  • Want to travel while residing at TCNJ
  • You do not feel that public transportation is a viable option for you
  • Need vehicle to drive other students home on weekends and semester breaks
  • Need vehicle to participate in social and sports activities
  • Need vehicle to seek employment
  • Received vehicle as a gift
  • Need vehicle to volunteer for work not essential to your education or required by the Office of Service Learning
  • Have received and not paid parking citations while parking on campus without a parking permit
  • You were unaware that you were not permitted to purchase a parking permit
  • Thought you would be able to park near campus but couldn’t due to neighborhood parking restrictions


Situations for which parking exceptions may be granted include:

  • Academic Related: provide a letter on letterhead from the academic advisor stating that the student needs to attend off-campus classes and/or credit earning internships related to his/her major in areas not served by public transportation.
  • Family Emergency: provide a letter on letterhead from the sick/disabled family member’s medical care provider (doctor/hospital) stating that the student is the primary care provider for the sick/disabled aforementioned person.

For all Non-Medical parking exception requests, please provide a completed Parking Exception Request and the appropriate documentation listed above. 


Medical Exception Appeals

Students who need to file a parking exception appeal for personal medically-related reasons, please visit the Medical Exception website for more information.

 Please note, if granted a parking exception, you will be required to pay for the permit.


If you are granted “All Lot Access” you are allowed to park in any employee, student (commuter or residential), and visitor parking lot. This does not grant permission to park in handicap parking spaces, service vehicle spaces, sidewalks/walkways, or roadways.

Approved Exceptions

If your request for exception is approved, you must bring your current vehicle registration card (original, copy, or photo on your phone) and payment in cash or check to the Office of Student Accounts. The vehicle must be owned either by yourself or an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) Students are not permitted to register a vehicle owned by another TCNJ student or their family.