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Registration Procedures

The only students who will be permitted to register a vehicle on campus are as follows:

  • Commuting Students who live off campus and use a motor vehicle to commute to class. One automobile and one motorcycle may be registered. Upon acquiring campus housing, previous commuter students with valid commuter decals must exchange those decals to the Office of Student Accounts within fifteen days of the move to receive a residential decal.
  • Resident Students who have completed at least two full semesters of college may register their vehicles to be parked on campus. Should a resident student change to a commuter student status, they must exchange their valid resident student decal for a valid commuter decal within fifteen days of the status change.
  • Freshman Resident Students are only allowed to register a vehicle on campus for a maximum of two weeks per semester after paying the required fee. However, students who can demonstrate a compelling need or would suffer undue hardship due to this restriction can petition for a parking exception.

Purchasing a Parking Permit

During the summer (early August) an email is sent to all students with instructions on how to order a parking permit online.

After the online order is complete, you may print out a temporary dashboard decal to place on your dashboard as your valid permit until you pick up your permanent decal.

Decals take at least three business days to process. Please see the main webpage or the ordering instructions email for beginning of the semester distribution process.

Motorcycle decals: If you wish to register a motorcycle decal in addition to your vehicle, please come into the Office of Student Accounts with the motorcycle’s registration and a decal will be issued to you.

Refund Policy

Students who purchase a TCNJ parking decal for the fall and/or spring semester of any given academic year, and then take a leave of absence or withdraw, may return their parking decal to the Office of Student Accounts for a refund based on the original purchase price. During Add/Drop period each semester, a student may return their decal for a full refund. No refunds will be processed in either case unless the actual parking decal is returned to the Office of Student Accounts. No additional refunds will be honored.

Refunds for leave of absence or withdraw will follow the academic calendar set by Records and Registration. For specific dates, please go to: